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Intensive observations carried out by an international team of scientists - including Michaël De Becker, astrophysicist at the ULiège - explain the origin of the powerful radio wave emission of two of the three very massive stars of the Apep star system. These observations have made it possible to produce images, with a level of detail never before achieved, of a system such as there must be only a few in our galaxy.


Emmanuel Jehin participated in the animations in the Corsica competition, which saw two high school classes win a week in Corsica at the Stareso Oceanographic Station of Liege University.


ULg astronomers discovered seven telluric planets around the star TRAPPIST-1. “The TRAPPIST-1 system is the largest treasure of terrestrial planets ever detected around a single star.” This discovery, published this week in the journal Nature, revives the quest for life in the Universe.


Laetitia Delrez used information gathered over a period of four years about discoveries and characterizations of hot Jupiters to complete her thesis. She uncovered a wealth of information about these gas giants that orbit very close to their star.


Si la météo le permet, n'hésitez pas à mettre le nez dehors cette nuit car la lune sera jusqu'à 14% plus grosse et 30% plus lumineuse. Un phénomène assez rare puisqu'il n'a plus été observé depuis 70 ans. Mais à quoi est-il d&ucric; ? Voici les explications.

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